Notice:  If you are booking more last minute, my scheduling software (Genbook) won't allow it.  Please call or email, and I will try to accomodate.  Also, if the time you are needing doesn't seem available, get in touch.  I will see if I can make it work.  See you soon!

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General Sessions

Please arrive wearing the "Rolfing Uniform" as described below.  However, the practitioner might decide to keep the client clothed.  This occurs especially for craniosacral sessions, osteopathic manipulation, and Neurokinetic Therapy.  As always, client comfort is what is most important!


Rolfing Structural Integration Sessions:

Rolfing is much different than a massage therapy session.  The client is an active participant in a Rolfing session, whether doing movement while the Rolfer works on the tissue, breathing into an area so that attention and presence is brought to the area being worked on,  or walking around the room so the Rolfer can evaluate patterns present in the body.  In order to be comfortable for this participation, clients usually wear their underwear during the session.  In this way, clients are covered yet the Rolfer can do accurate body readings throughout the session.  Blankets will be used to cover areas not being directly worked on and to keep the client warm.  If you have any concerns regarding the "Rolfing Uniform", please talk to Heather and accomodations will be made.

Note:  For guys, briefs or boxer briefs are preferable to boxer shorts.  When clients wear boxer shorts, it is difficult for the Rolfer to work through the non-elastic material.  For women, bras are preferable to sport-bras or tank-tops because there's less material to interfere with work on the ribs, shoulders, and spine.  Once again, it's a priority that you are comfortable, so please talk to Heather if you have any concerns about what to wear to the Rolfing session.

Rolfing Movement Sessions:

Rolfing Movement Sessions are done with client fully dressed.  Please wear comfortable and non-constrictive clothing.  Wear stretchy materials that don't have constrictive buttons, zippers, or waistbands.  Be ready to move in comfort!