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     Each session varies depending upon the goals of that particular session, but the client can anticipate a format that is generally consistent.  General sessions last between 60-75 minutes (including paperwork and discussion, changing clothing and payment).  Extended Sessions last around 90 minutes.  At the beginning of the session, the client and practitioner verbally check in about how the last session integrated and how the client is feeling currently.  Then, the practitioner will do some assessment:  a body reading of the client in standing posture, an observation of movement patterns in walking, bending, raising of arms, etc., an evaluation of patterns in movement of the vertebrae of the spine, or observations in how the client balances and responds to stimulus.  Now, the practitioner has some information to design a session (or series of sessions).  

     The practitioner will then use a variety of touch, verbal cues, muscle testing, and guided movement to help the client explore and change his fascial structure, relationship between muscles, neurological patterning, movement patterns, and perceptual repertoire.  The client will often be prompted to participate through movement cues or imagery so that the client's body incorporates the changes in the connective tissue and makes it "his own".  Body readings happen throughout the session so that the Rolfer and client can assess progress and changes in the body. Sessions generally end with gentle neck and spinal work.  A final body reading is done at the end of the session.  Often, a piece of "homework" is introduced--whether a useful stretch, a movement exercise, or the introduction of a cue to guide a change in perception, movement, and body orientation. 

     The client and practitioner might decide to do a single "fix-it" session, or a series of sessions.  The content, length, and number of sessions might differ depending on the needs and structure of the client.  If doing the "Ten Series" there are certain hallmarks for each of the "Basic Ten" of Dr. Rolf's Ten Series.  Rolfers use this "recipe", along with the principles of Rolfing, to design and plan each session.  Click here to learn more about the traditional Rolfing Ten Series.