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Embryology and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

"The organizing forces at work within the developing embryo are still at work in the eighty year old." Michael Shea

“Prior to a nervous system differentiating in the human embryo, there was exclusively a fluid body for three weeks and this imprint lasts throughout the lifespan in its gestures and shaping processes.  Human bodies are living fluid sculptures.”  Michael Shea


Biodynamic craniosacral has a major focus on human embryology.  Attention is given to various aspects of the human embryo:  its structure, function, and symbolism.  Dr.  Sutherland, D.O. perceived an intrinsic and wholistic healing force pre-existing in the fluid fields of the body.  He called this Primary Respiration.  At the moment of conception, Primary Respiration ignites a life.  By studying the human embryo, we can understand the origin and intention of Primary Respiration.  After life ignites, what guides the development of the embryo?  There is a fulcrum and then a midline of stillness that guides the development of the embryo.  The embryo displays wholeness in every moment, and becomes more sophisticated in form and function as that wholeness further differentiates.  The metabolic fields that directed this development are never lost.  The same fields that shaped the growth of the human embryo stay with the human for its entire life.  A biodynamic craniosacral practitioner, who is trained to relate with stillness, Primary Respiration, and the fluid field, can tap into the potency of these fields so that the client’s inherent healing potential can be utilized.