Notice:  If you are booking more last minute, my scheduling software (Genbook) won't allow it.  Please call or email, and I will try to accomodate.  Also, if the time you are needing doesn't seem available, get in touch.  I will see if I can make it work.  See you soon!

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Heather graduated from The Rolf Institute in 2003 and completed her Rolfing Movement training in 2006.  She completed her Advanced Training in Brazil in March 2008.  Before becoming a Rolfer, Heather taught in the Washington State public school system for five years.  The Rolfing Ten Series process initiated Heather's study into manual body therapies, yoga, and other healing modalities.  Her own personal daily practice integrates an evolving blend of Rolfing movement, meditation, yoga, pilates, and Continuum movement work.  What she discovers in her own explorations and studies is shared with her clients through dynamic and creative Rolfing sessions.  Heather considers herself foremost a teacher who facilitates her client's journey into new understandings of the body, new relationships with the world, and an evolving sense of self.

When away from the Rolfing studio, Heather enjoys mountain biking and road biking, skiing, wilderness travel, swimming, writing, dance (especially tango), gardening, personal growth experiences, and spending time with friends and family that make her laugh, think, learn, and change.

Heather lives and works on 20 acres close to downtown Bozeman. Her bodywork studio is in a 27' yurt on the property.  She looks forward to sharing this unique and beautiful setting with you.