Notice:  If you are booking more last minute, my scheduling software (Genbook) won't allow it.  Please call or email, and I will try to accomodate.  Also, if the time you are needing doesn't seem available, get in touch.  I will see if I can make it work.  See you soon!

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A Typical Session

A typical session begins with a verbal and written intake.  Then, the client lays down on the treatment table, fully clothed.  The practitioner and client spend the first five minutes or so in a guided meditation.  This helps each person to slow down the nervous system, find moments of deep stillness, and attune to the body’s rhythm and fluidity.  After receiving permission to make contact, the practitioner will use light touch at different areas of the body and will usually stay in one place for 5-15 minutes. The practitioner acknowledges the patterns found in the client’s fluid body--whether it be an expression of health or a pattern of restriction or interference in the system.  As the inherent healing ability of the body awakens, patterns in the fluids of the body can transform.  This process may be accompanied by the expression of associated sensations, feelings, and emotions.  During a treatment, the client sometimes becomes aware of a tide-like movement in the fluid body as they become more and more relaxed and still.  The client may notice deeper breathing without consciously making it happen.  The client may even drift off to a light sleep.  To end a session, the practitioner may ask the client to return some attention to aspects of the original meditation or to the expression of the breath.  The transition into post-session life will go slowly.  The practitioner may talk to you about your experiences during the session.  We are interested in how the body and mind are expressing and negotiating your life story.  It is most beneficial if the client can allow a bit of unscheduled time after the session so that the depth of the treatment can be savored.